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Lab News

08/2018    Greenville's Daily Reflector news paper coverage of our work
06/2018    Katie's third manuscript was accepted in The Biological Bulletin
06/2018    Congratulations: Steph Orr successfully defended his master thesis work.
05/2018    The lab is awarded an NSF and NIH grants. Remarkably, both awards came
                 on the same day.
04/2018    Congratulations: Steph Orr was accepted into Brody School of Medicine.
03/2018    Congratulations: Steph Orr won the 2018 RCAW "Best Oral Presentation Award."
                This award marks the 3rd year in a row for the lab.

03/2018    Congratulations: Katie was accepted into the prestigious
Marine Biological Laboratory       
                Neurobiology Course in addition to receiving the MBL fellowship Award.
The MBL course
                accepts only top students nationwide to spend their summer training in Woods Hole.

2/2018    Fadi delivers an outreach public lecture at the East-Coastal College-Career Development                             Symposium for Natural Science.
01/2018    Our paper was accepted in the journal Frontiers in Neural Circuits.

01/2018    Fadi was awarded the 2018
National Ataxia Foundation "Young Investigator-SCA Award."

Congratulations: Steph Orr won the 2017 3Minutes Thesis "People's Choice Award."champagne
06/2017    Katie successfully defended her MS degree.
05/2017    Tom successfully defended his degree.
05/2017    Funding: The lab was awarded an interdisciplinary research seed grant.
04/2017    Congratulations: Katie Clements won the 2017 RCAW "Best Oral Presentation Award."
03/2017    Congratulations: Amanda Hall is a recipient of the ECAA Scholarship Award.
01/2017    Our paper was highlighted in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
01/2017    The year is off to a great start. Kudos to Katie and Tom for publishing their first paper
                 in The Journal of Neuroscience. champagne
10/2016    Congratulations: Jared Keever took 3rd place in the annual 3Minutes Thesis Honor
                 college award.

09/2016    Congratulations: Tom Miller awarded the Student Travel Award to attend the Society for                             Neuroscience conference in San Diego.
08/2016    Stephen Orr (graduate student) joined the lab, Welcome aboard.
04/2016    Congratulations: Tom Miller won the 2016 RCAW "Best Oral Presentation Award." champagne
04/2016    Congratulations: Katie Clements won the 2016 RCAW "Best Poster Presentation Award."
03/2016    Tom presented his thesis research at the prestigious Woods Hole MBL.
02/2016    Congratulations: Katie was accepted at the Johns Hopkins University summer program.
02/2016    Amanda Hall has joined the lab, Welcome aboard.

11/2015    Congratulations: Tom Miller won the 2015 3Minutes Thesis "People's Choice Award."champagne
08/2015    Emma Daughtrey (Graduate student) joined the lab, Welcome aboard.
08/2015    Katie Clements (Graduate student) joined the lab. Welcome aboard.
Tom Miller (Graduate student) joined the lab. Welcome aboard.

10/2014    Allison (Undergraduate) joined the lab. First lab member. Welcome aboard.
08/2014    And off we go....... Lab went into operation.