Department of Political Science

Dr. Peter L. Francia

  • Title: Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of Leadership Studies, Ph.D.
  • Office: Brewster A-105
  • Office Phone: (252) 328-6126
  • Fax: (252) 328-4134
  • Email Address:
  • Teaching Areas: Interest Groups and Social Movements; Campaigns and Elections; Presidency; Congress; American National Government; Politics and Film; Leadership Studies
Research Interests: Labor Unions and Interest Groups; Social Movements and the Politics of Race and Ethnicity; Campaign Finance; Presidential and Congressional Elections; Public Opinion; Voting Behavior

Professional Experience
Curriculum Vitae

Course Syllabi
Syllabus, POLS 1010: American National Government
Syllabus, POLS 3011: Interest Groups and Lobbying
Syllabus, POLS 3012: Politics Through Film
Syllabus, POLS 3037: Campaigns and Elections
Syllabus, POLS 3050: Theory and Politics of Social and Protest Movements in the U.S.
Syllabus, POLS 3202: The American Legislature
Syllabus, POLS 3203: The American Executive
Syllabus, LDSP 1000: Introduction to Leadership Studies

Summary and Reviewer Comments of Authored Books and Edited Reference Volumes
Book: The Financiers of Congressional Elections (Columbia University Press)
Book: The Future of Organized Labor in American Politics (Columbia University Press)
Book: Conventional Wisdom and American Elections, 2nd edition (Rowman & Littlefield)
Reference Volume: Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying in the U.S. (CQ Press)

Other Faculty
  • Dr. Jody Baumgartner
  • Dr. Steve Ballard
  • Dr. David Conradt
  • Dr. Alethia Cook
  • Dr. William M. Downs
  • Dr. Thomas Eamon
  • Dr. Younhee Kim
  • Dr. Armin Krishnan
  • Dr. Brad Lockerbie
  • Dr. Marie Olson Lounsbery
  • Dr. Bonnie Mani
  • Dr. Jonathan Morris
  • Dr. Sharon Paynter
  • Dr. Jalil Roshandel
  • Dr. Carmine Scavo
  • Dr. Olga Victorovna Smirnova
  • Dr. Nancy Spalding
  • Dr. Robert (Bob) Thompson
  • Dept. of Political Science, Brewster A-124S, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC 27858