Hudson Lab December, 2019
Fibrin Network Structure
Our Centrifuge Force Microscope is Operational!
Sarah Hard at Work
Founding Member, Andrew Fuquay
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Welcome to the Hudson Lab at ECU

Research in the Hudson Lab focuses on problems at the intersection of physics, biology, and medicine. In particular we are interested in understanding the design principles undergirding the function of mechanical proteins. We apply a large variety of methodological tools including Fluorescence Microscopy, FRET, Atomic Force Microscopy, Centrifuge Force Microscopy, Microfluidics, and Protein Engineering to solve these problems. We are always interested in collaborators, so let us know if we can help you.

Student Highlights

  • Graduate Student Taylor Dement Presented his research at the 25th International Fibrinogen Workshop.
  • Undergraduate Students Sean Cone and Miranda Lee won ECU URCA Awards for their research on fibrin.
  • Undergraduate Student Elizabeth Viverette finished her senior thesis on fibrinogen structure and graduated from the ECU Honors College. Elizabeth won an ECU URCA award for her research and now is a Cryo-EM Microscopist for the NIEHS.

Links of Interest

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