PhIFI Core Facility
(Phosphor-Imaging/Fluorescence Imaging)
Brody 5S-21

Administrator:  Dr. Brett D. Keiper

Instructions for downloading software from the PhIFI server:

(Note:  This software runs on PCs with a Windows operating system only.)

Available software:

  • ImageQuant TL v2003.03 – PhosphorImage/Fluorescence Image/Microarray/Slide Fluorescence/2D gel analysis software.  Use for optimizing signal range, brightness and contrast, quantifying band or spot intensities, exporting image to publishable format, and exporting quantitation to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • ImageQuant v5.3 – Older version of the same software with limited capabilities

** Software download will be permitted by the PI of the registered lab only.  You MUST be registered for use of the PhIFI Core by submitting registration form to Ms. Katrina Searcey (Brody 1N-11, 744-2808).  There is a $ 300 annual lab registration fee that covers use by all lab members.  The registration form can be obtained as a PDF file from the PhIFI website (


Stepwise instructions for software installation to your computer:

  1. From Windows “Start” menu choose “Search”
  2. In the menu on the left click “Printers, Computers or People”, then “A Computer on the Network”
  3. Type “br5jt1bl71” into the search box and enter
  4. Double click on the br5jt1bl71 icon
  5. Double click on “ImageQuant TL Network Installation” to install the v2003.03 software
  6. Double click on the “setup” icon (black and orange) and follow the instructions.


If you start the software and the ImageQuant dialog box appears with red “disallowed” symbols over the program icons and the message “Dongle is disconnected or unreachable”, either the license server computer is off (unlikely) or your Windows Firewall has been activated.  ITCS allows us to turn off the Windows Firewall on computers on their network since they maintain a more efficient Firewall.  The Windows Firewall can be turned off in the control panel.)

East Carolina University
Brett D. Keiper, Ph.D.  (Administrator)
Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Brody School of Medicine
Greenville, NC 27858  

Enhui Hao (Research Asst. III)
Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Brody School of Medicine
Greenville, NC 27858

Tel. 744-2693

bd keiper 5/06

The above images are from the Amersham/GE Website: