Siddhartha Mitra

Dr. Siddhartha Mitra – Professor

Office Graham 209

Phone 252-328-6611

Organic Geochemistry

Ph.D. Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Marine Science, 1997)
M.S. New Jersey Institute of Technology (Chemistry and Environmental Science, 1991)
B.S. Lehigh University (Mechanical Engineering, 1988)

Dr. Mitra may be reached via email :

Last Updated: September 2020

Current Professional and Scholarly Interests

My overall scientific objective is to understand how natural organic matter as well as anthropogenic organic contaminants cycle in the environment. Specific areas of my on-going research include:

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Mitra’s Complete Vitae – Updated August 2020

REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (*graduate advisees; **undergraduate advisees)
Google Scholar H-Index: 22 (August 2020)

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