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A Calendar Mailing List:
(Since September, 1996)

CALNDR-L is an unmoderated email forum for discussion of social, historical and philosophical dimensions of Calendars and Time Reckoning.

You are invited to subscribe to CALNDR-L, at no cost, and to contribute your valuable ideas, comments and questions.

To subscribe, simply send an email message to the following address:


In the body of the message, include only the string, SUBSCRIBE CALNDR-L followed by YOUR NAME. Leave the subject line blank, and omit your signature.

After subscribing you will receive instructions on how to post your contributions to CALNDR-L for all subscribers to read, on how to receive confirmation that your contributions have reached CALNDR-L, and on how to unsubscribe.

We hope you will join us; and pass along this announcement to others interested in calendars and time reckoning.

Maintainer: Rick McCarty

Sites Maintained by
CALNDR-L Subscribers:
Irv Bromberg Symmetry454 Calendar, and Kalendis Calendar Calculator
Tadayoshi Funaba Calendar
Kai Hofmann Hofmann Software Engineering International
Rudy Limeback Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week
Peter Meyer Hermetic Systems: Calendar Studies

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<a href="http://myweb.ecu.edu/mccartyr/calndr-l.html">
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Logo design by Rudy Limeback


What are the three email addresses of CALNDR-L?
  1. The listsever address: listserv@listserv.ecu.edu Use this address to modify your subscription to CALNDR-L.
  2. The list address: calndr-l@listserv.ecu.edu Use this address to post messages to CALNDR-L, but only if you are a subscriber.
  3. The list owner address: mccartyr @ ecu.edu Use this address when you are having trouble with the other two.
How do I unsubscribe?
    Send email containing only unsubscribe calndr-l to the listserver address.

    If you have trouble unsubscribing this way, try leaving the subject line blank; try omitting your automatic signature.

Can I receive all messages for the day at once?
    Yes. This is called a Digest. Set your CALNDR-L subscription to "Digest" by sending set calndr-l digest to the listserver address. If you change your mind, send set calndr-l nodigest.
How do I access the CALNDR-L Archives?
    All archives are available by email. You may request a monthly archive and it will be mailed to you immediately. Some of these are rather large files.

    The archives go back to January 1997. To retrieve the archive for that month, send get calndr-l LOG9701 to the listserver address.

    Archives are also available on the web, here:
    https://listserv.ecu.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A0=calndr-l (login required)

Why do I not receive copies of my own posted messages to CALNDR-L?
    You probably turned off this function without realizing it. The repro option of your subscription sends you a copy of your own posted messages. The ack option of your subscription sends you an acknowledgement notice when you post messages to CALNDR-L.

    • Send set calndr-l repro to the listserver if you want to receive copies of your own messages. Reset this function by sending set calndr-l norepro.

    • Send set calndr-l ack to the listserver if you want to receive an ackowledgement message everytime you post to CALNDR-L. To reset this function, send set calndr-l noack.
How can I find out what options are set for my subscription?
    Send review calndr-l to the listserver.
Why was I removed from CALNDR-L?
    The CALNDR-L listowner recieves each of the list's unsuccessful email deliveries, with a cryptic message explaining the failure. You will eventually be removed from CALNDR-L by the listowner if it looks like your email address is permanently invalid. If you were removed from CALNDR-L by mistake, you need only contact the listowner to be resubscribed, and to receive an apology.
How do I get my calendar website listed here?
    If you are a subscriber to CALNDR-L, simply let the listowner know about your site.
Where is CALNDR-L?
    At East Carolina University, in Greenville, North Carolina, US. It's about 250 miles south of Washington, D.C.
How many subscribers?
    The number of CALNDR-L subscribers hovers at 200 (15).

Home Page for
Calendar Reform