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AMPT: A Multi-Phase Transport model for high energy heavy ion collisions

What happens in a high energy collision of two Gold nuclei?
(this animation uses the actual AMPT result for the side view of a central Au+Au collision at 130AGeV)

Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch interview on AMPT in June 2011

Calculating the average event trajectory of central A+A collisions in the QCD phase diagram
with a semi-analytical method that includes nonzero nuclear thickness

Selected Publications:

  1. Z.W. Lin and L. Zheng:
    Further Developments of a Multi-phase Transport Model for Relativistic Nuclear Collisions,
    Nuclear Science and Techniques 32, 113 (2021).

  2. S. Leu, Z. Huang and Z.W. Lin:
    Generation of Pseudo-CT using High-Degree Polynomial Regression on Dual-Contrast Pelvic MRI Data,
    Scientific Reports 10, 8118 (2020).

  3. Y. Jiang, Z.W. Lin and J. Liao:
    Rotating Quark-Gluon Plasma in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions,
    Physical Review C 94, 044910 (2016), erratum 95, 049904 (2017)

  4. L. He, T. Edmonds, Z.W. Lin, F. Liu, D. Molnar and F.Q. Wang:
    Anisotropic Parton Escape is the Dominant Source of Azimuthal Anisotropy in Transport Models,
    Physics Letter B 753, 506-510 (2016).

  5. Z.W. Lin:
    Evolution of Transverse Flow and Effective Temperatures in the Parton Phase from a Multiphase Transport Model,
    Physical Review C 90, 014904 (2014).

  6. Z.W. Lin, J.H. Adams Jr., A.F. Barghouty, S.D. Randeniya, R.K. Tripathi, J.W. Watts and P.P. Yepes:
    Comparisons of Transport Models in their Predictions in Typical Space Radiation Environments,
    Advances in Space Research, 49, 797-806 (2012).

  7. Z.W. Lin, C. M. Ko, B.A. Li, B. Zhang and S. Pal:
    MultiPhase Transport Model for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions,
    Physical Review C 72, 064901 (2005).

  8. Z.W. Lin and D. Molnar:
    Quark Coalescence and Elliptic Flow of Charm Hadrons,
    Physical Review C 68, 044901 (2003).

  9. Z.W. Lin and C.M. Ko:
    Flavor Ordering of Elliptic Flows at High Transverse Momentum,
    Physical Review Letters 89, 202302 (2002).

  10. Z.W. Lin and C.M. Ko:
    Partonic Effects on the Elliptic Flow at RHIC,
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  11. C. M. Ko, V. Koch, Z.W. Lin, K. Redlich, M. Stephanov, X.N. Wang:
    Kinetic Equation with Exact Charge Conservation,
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  12. Z.W. Lin and C. M. Ko:
    A Model for J/psi Absorption in Hadronic Matter,
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  14. Z.W. Lin and M. Gyulassy:
    Open Charm as a Probe of Pre-Equilibrium Dynamics in Nuclear Collisions?,
    Physical Review C 51, 2177 (1995), erratum 52, 440(1995).