Donna J. Kain, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of English
East Carolina University
Office: 2110 Bate Bldg.
Phone: (252) 737-2705

Will the Pirate

Spring 2015
Office Hours


10:00-11:00 am





Research & Selected Publications

ENGL 1100 First Year Composition
ENGL 3870 Introduction to Editing and Publishing
ENGL 3880 Writing for Business and Industry
ENGL 4780 Technical Writing
ENGL 4885 Digital Writing
ENGL 5780 Adv. Writing for Business and Industry
ENGL 6700 Editing and Production
ENGL 6715 Technical Writing
ENGL 6721 Adv. Editing
ENGL 6725 Directed Readings
ENGL 7605 Discourse Analysis
ENGL 7702 Research Design in TPC
ENGL 7705 Ethics in Technical & Professional Comm
ENGL 7745 Teaching Technical Comm
ENGL 7746 Training in Technical Comm
ENGL 7765 Risk Communication
ENGL 7765 Visual Discourse
ENGL 7721 Editing as Management
ENGL 7766 Theory and Practice of New Media
ENGL 7780 Theory of Professional Comm
ENGL 8100 Discourse of Special Interests (Dir. Reading)
ENGL 8200 Directed Research
ENGL 8605 Adv. Discourse Analysis
ENGL 8780 Seminar: Adv. Theory of Professional Comm
ENGL 8780 Seminar: Theory of Visual Representation
WOST 4200 Feminist Theory
WOST 6100 Adv Feminist Theory

The Lookout: A Journal of Undergraduate Research at ECU. This is a journal edited by undergraduate students in ENGL 3870.

Severe Weather Risk & Emergency Communication

Sea Level Rise Communication in North Carolina
Renci at ECU

Center for Natural Hazards Reseach at ECU

2013. Kain, Donna, and Michelle Covi. Visualizing Complexity and Uncertainty about Climate Change and Sea Level Rise. Communication Design Quarterly. 1.3: 46-35.

2011.Long, Patrick ; Huili Hao; and Donna Kain. Crisis Communication in Tourism. Report. Center for Sustainable Tourism.

2010. Kain, Donna, Menno deJong, Catherine F. Smith. Information Usability Testing as Audience and Context Analysis for Risk Communication. In Usability of Complex Information Systems: Evaluation of User Interaction. Michael Albers and Brian Still, Eds. CRC Press. (Taylor and Francis) ISBN 978-1439828946.

2010. Smith, Catherine F. and Donna Kain. Making Sense of Hurricanes: Public Discourse and Perceived Risk of Extreme Weather. Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) 4.2 Special Issue on Risk: 180-196.

2007. Kain, Donna J. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Storm-related Risk and Emergency Communication. Weather and Society Watch 1.4: 5, 8.

2007. Ward, Heather, Donna Kain, Catherine Smith, Tom Crawford, John Howard. Emergency Communications and Risk Perceptions in North Carolina’s Coastal Zone.  Proceedings of the Coastal Zone 07 Conference.

2007. Smith, Catherine, Donna Kain, Heather Ward, Roberta Thuman.  Emergency Communication:  Case Study of Problematics in Public Discourse Regarding Hurricane Risks and Hazards.  Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference (IEEE).

2005. Kain, Donna J. Birth of a Research Center II: Leveraging Multi-Disciplinarity. Conference Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication.

2005. Kain, Donna J. Constructing Genre: A Threefold Typology. Technical Communication Quarterly 14.4: 375-409.

2005. Kain, Donna, Elizabeth Wardle. Building Context: Using Activity Theory to Teach about Genre in Multi-Major Professional Communication Courses. Technical Communication Quarterly 14.2: 113-139. 2006 NCTE Awards for Excellence in Technical and Scientific Communication

2005. Osterberg, Arvid E., Donna J. Kain. Access for Everyone: A Guide to the Accessibility of Buildings and Facilities with References to ADAAG. Revised Edition. Ames, IA:. Iowa State University: (ISBN: 0-9726480-1-1)

2003. Kain, Donna. Teacher-centered—vs.—student-centered: Balancing constraint and vision in the composition classroom. Pedagogy 3.1.