ITCS Training

Training will cover basic, but common computer tasks. If interested please contact: SHDTraining@ecu.edu.

Training currently includes the following:

    Microsoft Office: PowerPoint

  • How to print multiple slides per page
  • How to add media (pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office: Excel

  • Formulas (Basic)
  • Printing long documents, but keeping the heading consistent
  • Microsoft Office: Word

  • How to create visual aids, such as charts and graphs
  • How to change the page layout
  • How to change page numbers (including different first page and page breaks)
  • Web Creation/Web Publishing

  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Filezilla
  • Brief Introduction to MyWeb
  • Internet and Email Security

  • How to differentiate between spam and safe emails
  • Browser privacy settings
  • Learning to identify what is and is not a trusted site
  • IronPort
  • Dorm network safety
  • Discussion on public and non-secure networks
  • VPN and VCL

  • How to access VCL
  • Basic Troubleshooting

  • Installing software
  • Unblock/grant administrator rights to user
  • How to remove viruses
  • System maintenance
  • Uninstalling programs