David William Pravica

Full Professor at East Carolina University .
Office: Austin 216.
Phone: (252) 328-1901.
Email : pravicad@ecu.edu
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Mailing Address (Email is much preferred):
Department of Mathematics,
East Carolina University,
Greenville, NC 27858.

Teaching in Second Summer Session 2016

Research Interests

Research is ongoing in the areas of MADEs (Multiplicatively Advanced Differential Equations)
Other q-type applications are being considered in areas such as Field Theory and Economics
Specificially, my interests are the following:

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Publications and Preprints on Wavelets and MADEs

  • (PRS4) N. Randriampiry and M.J. Spurr (2016). On q-advanced spherical Bessel functions of the first kind and perturbations of the Haar wavelet (ACHA)
  • (PRS6) N. Randriampiry and M.J. Spurr (2014). Smooth Wavelet Approximations of Truncated Legendre Polynomicals via the Jacobi Theta Function (AAA)
  • (PRS5) N. Randriampiry and M.J. Spurr (2012). q-Advanced Models for Tsunami and Rogue Waves (AAA)
  • (PRS3) N. Randriampiry and M.J. Spurr (2012). Reproducing kernel bounds for an advanced wavelet frame via the theta function (ACHA)
  • (PRS2) N. Randriampiry and M.J. Spurr (2010). Theta function identities in the study of wavelets satisfying advanced differential equations (ACHA)
  • (PRS1) N. Randriampiry and M.J. Spurr (2009). Applications of an advanced differential equation in the study of wavelets (ACHA)

    First Publications on MADEs

  • (PS2) With M.J. Spurr (2005). Unique Summing of Formal Power Series Solutions to Advanced and Delayed Differential Equations (DCDS)
  • (PS1) With M.J. Spurr (2002). Analytic continuation into the FUTURE (DCDS)

    Publication on Finance

  • (BPB) F. Brown and M. Bier (2015). Self-similarity and non-Markovian behavior in traded stock volumes (EPJ-B)

    Health-Related Publications

  • (BDP) With O.W. Day and M. Bier (2012). Murmurs and noise caused by arterial narrowing - Theory and clinical practice (FNL)
  • (BCLPX) With J.Q. Lu and C. Chen and R.S. Brock and X.-H. Hu (2008). Validity of a closed-form diffusion solution in P1 approximation for reflectance inaging wiht an oblique beam of arbitrary profile (Med.Phys.)
  • (BBDP) With R.S. Brock and O.W. Day and M. Bier (2006). Stable stationary vortices and traveling oscillatory vorticies in a stenotic fluid-flow channel (Phys.Rev.-E)
  • (BBDP) With R.S. Brock and C. Chen and X-H. Hu and J.Q. Lu (2006). Fast Modeling of Relectance Image of Turbid Medium with Full-field Illumination (Theo.Photon.)
  • (CEPSW) With J.L. Cranford and S. Elangovan and A. Stuart and L.J. Walker (2003). Potential contamination effects of neuronal refractoriness on the speech-evoked mismatch negativity response (JAAA)
  • (CCDPSW) With M. Carpenter and J.L. Cranford and C.R. Downs and A. Stuart and L.J. Walker (2001). Possible neuronal refractory or recovery artifacts associated with recording the mismatch negativity response (JAAA)

    Publications and Abstracts on Black Holes

  • (DP3) With O.W. Day (2005). Direct Evidence Of Gravitational Waves Surrounding the Sgr A* Supermassive Black Hole and an Estimation of Mass (Bull.Am.Astron.Soc.)
  • (DP2) With O.W. Day (2004). Top Resonances in the Gravitational and Electromagnetic Fields Surrounding a Black Hole: A Model for Understanding High Frequency QPOs (Bull.Am.Astron.Soc./HEAD)
  • (DP1) With O.W. Day (2003). Listening for long-lived breathing modes of compact objects (Bull.Am.Astron.Soc./HEAD)
  • (Pravica) (1999). Top resonances of a black hole (PRS-A)

    Publications on Scattering Theory

  • (EP) With J. Edwards (1999). Bounds on Resonances for the Laplacian on Perturbations of Half-Space (SIAM)
  • (Pravica) (1999). Propagation estimates for dispersive wave equations: Applications to the stratified wave equation (JMP)
  • (Pravica) (1997). Trapped Rays in Cylindrically Symmetric Media and Poles of the Analytically Continued Resovant (JMAA)
  • (Pravica) (1996). Spectral resonances which become eigenvalues (CMP)
  • (Pravica) (1996). Shape resonances: A Comparison between Parabolic and Flat Bottom Potentials (JDE)
  • (Pravica) (1995). Low energy resolvent bounds for elliptic operators: An application to the study of waves in stratified media and fiber optics (JMAA)
  • (Pravica) (1993). High Energy Decay Estimates for Waves in a Locally perturbed Medium (CMP)
  • (DP2) With S. DeBievre (1992). Spectral analysis for optical fibres and stratified fluids II: Absence of Eigenvalues (CPDE)
  • (DP1) With S. DeBievre (1991). Spectral analysis for optical fibres and stratified fluids I: The limiting absorption principle (JFA)

    Publications on Fluid Mechanics

  • (Pravica) (1995). A Model for the Effect of Roughness on the Load Capacity of Journal Bearings (QAM)
  • (MP2) With K. Ma (1992). Separation of streamlines for spatially periodic flow at non-zero reynolds numbers (ZAMP)
  • (MP1) With K. Ma (1992). A model for Stokes flow in a two-dimensional corrugated pipe (QAM)
  • (PR) With K.B. Ranger (1991). Spatially periodic Stokes flow stirred by a rotlet interior to a closed corrugated boundary (QAM)
  • (Pravica) (1990). Spatially periodic Stokes flow stirred by a rotlet interior to a closed corrugated boundary (Comptes Rendues Mathematique at UofT)

    PhD. Thesis on Scattering Theory

  • (Pravica) (1991). Mathematical Analysis of Wave Propagation in Stratified Media (University of Toronto)

    Other Published Material

  • (PS) With M.J. Spurr (2011). Mathematical Modeling for the Scientific Method (Jones & Bartlett Publishers)
  • (BDP) With R.S. Brock and O.W. Day (Nov.2009). Methods, systems, and computer program products for analyzing cardiovascular sounds using eigen functions (US Patent Number 7,621,875 )
  • (PR) With H.L. Ries (2003). CUBE: The Math Paper (Article in "Mathematics, Art, Technology and Cinema, 175)

    Directed Masters Theses or Research Projects in Mathematics

  • (PS) With M.J. Spurr (Dec. 2015). Applications of the KdV and KP equations to the understanding of Tsunamis (MA Thesis - C.C.)
  • (Pravica) (April 2013). Study of Cancer Treatment using a Stochastic Process Approach (Thesis - K.S.)
  • (PS) With M. Bier (April 2013). Study of Financial Markets using a Kinetic Model (Thesis - F.B.)
  • (Pravica) (April 2013). The SIR model for understanding disease (Research Project - M.M.)
  • (Pravica) (April 2012). The Effect of the Mathematics of Finance on the Dynamics of a Credit Economy (Thesis - J.B.)
  • (Pravica) (April 2012). Mathematical Analysis of Tsunami and Rogue Waves (Thesis - B.E.)

    Other Activies and Accomplishments of Note

  • ECU Reassign Time (2015-16). Award consists of a course reduction for grant writing activities.
  • Talk to HS students (Feb.2, 2016). Invited to talk about Rubik's Cube at Smithfield Selma High School. (Invited by J.S. Molokach)
  • Oustanding Teacher Award (2012). Award is from the grad students of the Math Department at ECU : Honor included a plaque engraving and letter of appreciation.
  • Passed P/1 test (2012). The Society of Actuary (SOA) Probability Test. (Score=8)
  • Created course (2010-11). Intro to Risk Theory. (MATH 4100 - undergrad, MATH 6100 - grad)
  • Open-Water Diver (since 1996). Reached 50 dives in 2014.

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