Welcome to the Funai Lab

The main areas of interest of the laboratory are cellular processes by which skeletal muscle handles substrate overload during metabolic stress. As skeletal muscle is an organ with the highest metabolic demand, metabolic changes that occur in skeletal muscle have tremendous consequences on whole-body metabolism. Specifically, we are interested in the cellular fate of lipid molecules in skeletal muscle. We utilize cell lines, genetically-modified mice and primary muscle cells from human subjects to examine mechanisms whereby skeletal muscles develop and/or evade toxic effects of lipid influx.

The Funai laboratory is part of the Human Performance Laboratory at the Department of Kinesiology and the East Carolina Diabetes & Obesity Institute at the Brody School of Medicine in East Carolina University. We are located in Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Please email funaik@ecu.edu for inquiry on our mouse models, collaborative opportunities or available positions.