Dr. Rosana Nieto Ferreira

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science

Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment

East Carolina University


The overarching theme of my research is the integration of observations and numerical model simulations of the atmosphere to study the dynamics, variability, and predictability of regional climate on intraseasonal-to-multidecadal timescales.

My current work focuses on studying the mechanisms for the seasonal transition of precipitation organization in the southeastern United States under current and future climate conditions using radar and reanalysis datasets and simulations with the Weather Research and Forecasting model.

My previous research has focused on the variability and onset of the South American Monsoon, the formation of African Easterly waves, and tropical cyclone genesis.

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PhD. Colorado State University

Atmospheric Science, 1994


Department of Geography, Planning and Environment

East Carolina University

Brewster A242

Greenville, NC 27858

252-328-0751 (voice)

252-328-6054 (fax)




GEOG1250 - The Water Planet

GEOG1300 - Weather and Climate

GEOG2350 - Climate Change : Science and Society

GEOG3230 - Global Climates

GEOG4525 - Dynamic Meteorology II

GEOG4550 - Applied Synoptic Meteorology

GEOG4590 - Tropical Meteorology


GEOG6525 - Advanced Dynamic Meteorology

GEOG6550 - Advanced Synoptic Meteorology

GEOG6590 - Advanced Tropical Meteorology

B. S. in Applied Atmospheric Science
(with a focus on hazards and geospatial technologies)http://www.ecu.edu/cs-cas/geog/atmospheric_science.cfm