Dr. Scott Curtis


Associate Professor

Department of Geography Planning & Environment

Assistant Director

Center for Natural Hazards Research

Brewster A232

Greenville, NC 27858

252-328-2088 (phone)

252-328-6054 (fax)


Section Editor of 
Geography Compasshttp://geography-compass.com/http://geography-compass.com/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

This picture, appearing in Visualizing Weather and Climate was created by me during my time at NASA


Research and Teaching


         2010 Five-Year Achievement Award for Excellence in Research             2013-14 Outstanding Affiliate Faculty Member: Center for Sustainability


Research Projects

My overarching research focus is global climate variability and change, with an emphasis on El Niño / Southern Oscillation (ENSO), precipitation, storms, and their impacts on society (hazards, agriculture, and tourism).  I seek out opportunities to involve both graduates and undergraduates in research projects.

  1. a) Precipitation variations and extremes

    i)  Indo-Pacific sector

    Recent papers: Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan , Journal of Geophysical Research ,

    Geophysical Research Letters, The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, Climate Dynamics

    ii)  Intra-Americas Seas

    Recent papers: Climate Research , Climate Research, International Journal of Climatology,

    Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Progress in Physical Geography,

    Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology,

    Atmosfera, Professional Geographer

    iii) Global

    Recent papers: Journal of Climate, Journal of Hydrometeorology, Southeastern Geographer,

    Global and Planetary Change

b)  Extratropical and Tropical Storms in the Southeast U.S.

    Recent papers: Southeastern Geographer, Natural Hazards, Journal of Geography

c) Tourism

    Recent papers: North Carolina Geographer, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

All Things ENSO...


Courses Taught

GEOG 1250  The Water Planet (3) Importance of water in natural world.  Cultural, economic, and legal issues associated with human uses of water.

ATMO 1300  Weather and Climate (4) Introductory survey of meteorology including weather and climate principles, processes, and patterns, at a variety of scales from local to global.

GEOG 2350  Climate Change: Science and Society (3) Explores societal aspects of climate change science, relevant social science debates, human adaptation, mitigation strategies, and international policy.  See http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/BAMS-D-11-00048.1

ATMO 3230  Global Climates (3) See http://gcc.aos.ecu.edu/

ATMO 2510  Physical Meteorology (3) Basic principles of atmospheric hydrostatics, thermodynamics, cloud and precipitation processes, and radiative transfer.

ATMO 3520  Dynamic Meteorology (3) Basic concepts and techniques of mathematics, thermodynamics, mechanics and fluid dynamics in the study of atmospheric motions and weather systems.

ATMO 3550  Principles of Synoptic Meteorology (3) Basic concepts of synoptic scale atmospheric phenomena, including upper level waves and mid-latitude weather systems.

ATMO 4550  Applied Synoptic Meteorology: Analyses and Forecasting (3) Current techniques in mid-latitude weather analysis and forecasting, including chart analyses, introduction to computer meteorological analyses and visualization, numerical weather prediction, and forecast discussion, development, and evaluation.

GEOG 4540  Coastal Storms (3) (F) Basic dynamics, analysis, and forecasting of extratropical and tropical storms; history of storms in the Carolinas and current mitigation plans.

GEOG 6540  Advanced Coastal Storms (3) Advanced dynamics, analysis, and forecasting of extratropical and tropical storms.  History of storms in the Carolinas and current mitigation plans.

Graduate Students

My students have written papers, received grants, traveled internationally, and won awards:

> NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (Wuensch)

> NASA/GEST Graduate Student Summer Program in Earth Sciences (Allen)

> SEDAAG Merle C. Prunty Award (Wuensch)

> SEDAAG Student Honors Finalist (Allen, Salahuddin, Wuensch, Blair)

> GEWEX International Travel Grant (Salahuddin)

> UN Food and Agriculture Organization Internship in Rome Italy (Allen)

> CUAHSI Northeast Consortium for Hydrologic Synthesis Summer Institute in New York City (Allen)

Dr. Ahmed Salahuddin Ph.D. Coastal Resources Management (2008)


Sol Wuensch                                            

M.A. Geography (2008)                            

now GIS-analyst with Craven County 

Teddy Allen (not the goat)

M.A. Geography (2009)

now Ph.D. student in Meteorology at University of Miami

Robbie Munroe

M.A. Geography (2010)

now a Coastal Resources Management Ph.D. student at ECU

Sarah Jessop

M.A. Geography (2011)

Heather Blair

M.A. Geography (2013)

now at URS Corporation

Lee Armstrong

M.A. Geography

Emily Ayscue

M.A. Sustainable Tourism (2014)

now a PhD student in Forestry and Natural Resources at University of Georgia

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