Math 2122-1 Fall 2017
Calculus for the Life Sciences 2

Instructor: Salman Abdulali

Office: Austin 330. Email: abdulalis (at Phone: (252) 328-4104

Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 4-5:15 pm (Austin 307). Regular attendance is required.

Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday 12:30 to 1, 2:45 to 4, and 5:15-6 pm.

Prerequisite: Math 2121. May not receive credit for Math 2122 after taking 2172.

Textbook: Greenwell, Richey & Lial, Calculus for the Life Sciences, Custom Edition. ISBN: 1-323-11891-8

Homework: Homework will be assigned and graded through the online system MyMathLab. All students are required to sign up for MyMathLab. Instructions are available at

Calculator Policy: Calculators will not be allowed during exams.

Midterms: September 21, October 26, and, November 28. No makeups will be given. Students will be excused from a test with no penalty if a university excuse is provided before the test.

Final Exam: Wednesday, December 6, 2-4:30 pm. The final exam will be cumulative.

Grades: Any one missing the final exam will receive an F. Otherwise, each midterm will count for 20% of the grade. The final exam will count for 30%. Homework will count for 10%. A total score of 90% or higher will earn a grade of A; a score of 85% or higher will be at least an A-; a score of 80% or higher will be at least a B+; a score of 75% or higher will be at least a B; a score of 70% or higher will be at least a B-; a score of 65% or higher will be at least a C+; a score of 60% or higher will be at least a C; a score of 55% or higher will be at least a C-; a score of 50% or higher will be at least a D+; a score of 45% or higher will be at least a D; a score of 40% or higher will be at least a D-. A score below 40% will be an F.

Syllabus: This course is a continuation of Math 2121, emphasizing integration and its applications. The topics covered are included in Chapters 7 to 11 of the text.

University Policies:

Additional Homework:

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